at the Lake Biwa Museum, Japan

Robin James Smith

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The freshwater cyclocypridinae ostracods living in Lake Biwa. Click on the image for next one in the series.

The three species of the subfamily Cyclocypridinae living in Lake Biwa (left side views of males). On the left is Physocypria biwaensis, so far only known from Lake Biwa. It is found at all depth, from the shallowest zone through to the deepest part of the lake. In the middle is the more widespread Physocypria nipponica, found in Lake Biwa, rice fields in Japan, and South Korea. In Lake Biwa it is usually found at shallower depths in the south basin. On the right is Cypria matzkeae, so far only known from shallow sandy areas of the north basin of Lake Biwa. All three species are about 0.5 to 0.6 mm in length, and are good swimmers. (Click on the image to view the next one in the series.)