at the Lake Biwa Museum, Japan

Robin James Smith

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Genus Strandesia Stuhlmann, 1888

Superfamily: Cypridoidea Baird, 1845
Family: Cyprididae Baird, 1845
Subfamily: Cypricercinae McKenzie, 1971

One species has been reported from Korea:

1. Strandesia flavescens Klie, 1932

External view of a female left valve of Strandesia flavescens, length 1954 microns.

External view of a female right valve of Strandesia flavescens, length 1982 microns.

Additional figures in: Klie 1932 (carapace and caudal ramus), Smith et al. 2014 (carapace).
Habitat: Lotus pond (Smith et al. 2014). Elsewhere, known from a storage pool and a rice field (Klie 1932)
Mode of life: Nektobenthic (swimmer).
Reproductive mode: Asexual, males unknown.
Known distribution: Jeju Island (Smith et al. 2014). Elsewhere reported from Indonesia (Klie 1932), Taiwan (Yu et al. 2009, citing grey literature), and India (Victor and Fernando 1979b).

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