at the Lake Biwa Museum, Japan

Robin James Smith

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Genus Schellencandona Meisch, 1996

Superfamily: Cypridoidea Baird, 1845
Family: Candonidae Kaufmann, 1900
Subfamily: Candoninae Kaufmann, 1900

One species has been reported from Korea:

1. Schellencandona tea Karanovic & Lee, 2012

Figures in: Karanovic & Lee 2012 (carapace and appendages).
Habitat: Rivers
Mode of life: Benthic.
Reproductive mode: Asexual. Males unknown.
Known distribution: The Young River, Sanggu and the Geunnam River, Uljin. Currently only known from South Korea.

Karanovic, I. & Lee, W. 2012. A review of candonid ostracods (Crustacea: Ostracoda: Podocopida) from East Asia, with descriptions of five new species from South Korea. Zootaxa, 3368, 7-49.