at the Lake Biwa Museum, Japan

Robin James Smith

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Genus Potamocypris Brady, 1870

Superfamily: Cypridoidea Baird, 1845
Family: Cyprididae Baird, 1845
Subfamily: Cypridopsinae Kaufmann, 1900

Two species have been reported from Japan:

1. Potamocypris mastigophora (Methuen, 1910)

Figures in: Okubo 1976 (carapace and appendages, as Potamocypris producta); Okubo 2004 (carapace, as Potamocypris producta); Meisch 1985 (carapace and appendages, as Potamocypris producta).
Habitat: In Japan, eel culture ponds and pools of water (Okubo 1976; 2004), and a river estuary (Ikeya & Hanai 1982). Elsewhere, rice fields (Petkovski 1964).
Mode of life: Nektobenthic (swimmer).
Reproductive mode: Asexual in Japan. Males reported from South Africa (Sars 1924).
Known distribution: Chiba and Shizuoka Prefectures (Okubo 1976; Ikeya & Hanai 1982 both as Potamocypris producta). Elsewhere, reported from Africa (see references in Martens 1984); Macedonia (Petkovski 1964 as Potamocypris producta); France (Meisch et al. 1990 as Potamocypris producta); Israel (Lerner-Seggev 1968 as Potamocypris producta); Korea (Kim and Min 1991 as Potamocypris producta).

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2. Potamocypris sudzukii Okubo & Terauchi, 1992

Figures in: Okubo & Terauchi 1992 (carapace); Okubo 2004 (carapace) (N.B. one specimen, 783, figured in Okubo 2004 is listed as a juvenile in Okubo & Terauchi 1992).
Habitat: Ponds and rice fields (Okubo 2004).
Mode of life: Nektobenthic (swimmer).
Reproductive mode: Asexual.
Known distribution: Okinawa (Okubo & Terauchi 1992).

Okubo, I. 2004. Nihon tansui san kaimijinko rui ni tsuite. Kabushikigaisha Sanmon Insatsusho, Okayama, Japan, 72pp. [In Japanese, privately published].

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Key characters Potamocypris mastigophora & Potamocypris sudzukii
Carapace - ventral valve overlapRight valve overlaps left along ventral margin
Carapace - margin structure - septaNo septa present
Carapace - margin structure - ridges on inner calcified lamellaNo ridges
Carapace - dorsal view - female with brood pouchBrood pouch not visible
Carapace - lateral view - ventral marginVentral margin approximately straight to concave
Carapace - lateral view - valve heightLeft and right valves similar height
Carapace - internal viewAnterior calcified inner lamella wider than posterior one
Carapace - ornamentation - denticlesNo denticles near ventral margin
Carapace - ornamentation - sulcusNo sulcus
Carapace - ornamentation - surfaceSurface pitted
Carapace - width/length ratio (w/l)Less than 0.4 (slender species)
Antennule - segmentsSeven moveable segments
Antennule - Rome organRome organ present
Antenna - exopoditeExopodite reduced to small segment
Antenna - swimming setaeSwimming setae long, reaching to about end of claws
Fifth limb - morphologyMaxilliped
Sixth limb - segmentsFive segments
Sixth limb - setae on first segmentOne seta
Sixth limb - h3 seta on final segmentH3 seta short; much shorter than half length of claw
Seventh LimbCleaning limb, with a pincer at end
Seventh Limb - segmentsThree segments
Seventh Limb - first segmentThree setae
Caudal ramusReduced ramus with two setae
Caudal ramus - attachmentWith no caudal ramus attachment