at the Lake Biwa Museum, Japan

Robin James Smith

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Genus Bradleycypris McKenzie, 1982

Superfamily: Cypridoidea Baird, 1845
Family: Cyprididae Baird, 1845
Subfamily: Cypricercinae McKenzie, 1971

One species has been reported from Japan:

1. Bradleycypris vittata (Sars, 1903)

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1903 Cypris vittata n. sp. - Sars: 22, pl. II, figs 3a-c.
1916 Cypris (Strandesia) vittata Sars, 1903 - Gurney: 339.
1937 Strandesia vittata (Sars, 1903) - Tressler: 197, new combination.
1981 Strandesia vittata (Sars, 1903) - Victor & Fernando: 509-512, figs 216-232.
1983 S. vittata - Broodbakker: 342, 344, 361.
1990 Strandesia vittata (Sars, 1903) - Okubo: 46, figs 3 a-e.
2000 Strandesia vittata (Sars, 1903) - Okubo: 118, figs 33 a-e.
2004 Strandesia vittata (Sars, 1903) - Okubo: 36, figs 18, c, d, i.
2005 Strandesia vittata (Sars, 1903) - Karanovic: 91, 93.
2008 Strandesia vittata (Sars, 1903) - Smith & Matzke-Karasz: table 1, pl. 2, fig. 3.
2009 Strandesia vittata (Sars, 1903) - Yu et al.: 43.
2009b Strandesia vittata (Sars, 1903) - Savatenalinton & Martens: 38.
2009a Bradleycypris vittata (Sars, 1903) - Savatenalinton & Martens: 3, 6, 18, 44, 45, new combination.
2011 Bradleycypris vittata (Klie, 1934) - Martens & Savatenalinton: 17.
2012 Bradleycypris vittata (Sars 1903a) - Karanovic: 365, Fig. 114d.
2012 Bradleycypris vittata (Sars, 1903) - Chang et al.: 3-4, Fig. 2A-C, Table 1.
2014 Bradleycypris vittata (Sars, 1903) - Zhai & Zhao: 1011-1015, Figs 21-23.

Partial synonymy list.

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Left view of a female Bradleycypris vittata, length about 0.75 mm.

External view of female left valve of Bradleycypris vittata, length 764 microns. The surface is covered with many small pits.

External view of female right valve of Bradleycypris vittata, length 742 microns. The two valves are noticeably asymmetrical.

Additional figures in: Okubo 1990 (as Strandesia vittata) (carapace and caudal ramus); Okubo 2004 (as Strandesia vittata) (carapace); Savatenalinton & Martens 2010 (carapace and appendages); Smith et al. 2011 (carapace); Chang et al. 2012 (carapace); Zhai & Zhao 2014 (carapace and appendages).
Habitat: Swamps, rivers, rice fields, irrigation ponds and shore of Lake Biwa in Japan.
Mode of life: Nektobenthic (swimmer).
Reproductive mode: Males only reported from Thailand (Savatenalinton & Martens, 2010). Elsewhere probably asexual.
Known distribution: Shiga Prefecture (Smith et al. 2011). Elsewhere, China (Sars 1903), South Korea (Chang et al. 2012), Thailand (Savatenalinton & Martens 2010), Indonesia (Tressler 1937) and Sri Lanka (Gurney 1916).

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Key characters Bradleycypris vittata
Carapace - ventral valve overlapLeft valve overlaps right along ventral margin
Carapace - margin structure - septaNo septa present
Carapace - margin structure - ridges on inner calcified lamellaNo ridges
Carapace - dorsal view - female with brood pouchBrood pouch not visible
Carapace - lateral view - ventral marginVentral margin approximately straight to concave
Carapace - lateral view - valve heightLeft and right valves similar height
Carapace - internal viewAnterior calcified inner lamella wider than posterior one
Carapace - ornamentation - denticlesNo denticles near ventral margin
Carapace - ornamentation - sulcusNo sulcus
Carapace - ornamentation - surfaceSurface pitted
Carapace - width/length ratio (w/l)Between 0.4 and 0.7 (medium species)
Antennule - segmentsSeven moveable segments
Antennule - Rome organRome organ present
Antenna - exopoditeExopodite reduced to small segment
Antenna - swimming setaeSwimming setae long, reaching to about end of claws
Fifth limb - morphologyMaxilliped
Sixth limb - segmentsFive segments
Sixth limb - setae on first segmentTwo setae
Sixth limb - h3 seta on final segmentH3 seta short; much shorter than half length of claw
Seventh LimbCleaning limb, with a pincer at end
Seventh Limb - segmentsThree segments
Seventh Limb - first segmentThree setae
Caudal ramusElongate ramus with two claws and two setae
Caudal ramus - attachmentLoop at dorsal end