Honorary Researcher

Masaharu Yoda
Ph.D. (Human Cultural Studies)

Photograph Explanation
Investigation of ruins in Israel.

I completed an archaeology course in the Department of Literature of Okayama University. I then worked in the Okayama prefecture General Affairs Office Prefectural History Compilation Section, and then the Shiga Prefecture Board of Education Cultural Assets Protective Section. After this I moved to the Lake Biwa Museum Project Office and from 1996 to 2016 I worked at the Lake Biwa Museum. I am also a part-time lecturer at Ritsumeikan University and the Shiga Prefectural University Graduate School.

1. Group relations of the Yayoi and Kofun Periods, elucidation of social structure.
2. Archaeological research of traffic history on Lake Biwa.
3. Investigation of the historical development of the mountain fortresses and temples.

Key Words of Research
Ancient tumuli, Yayoi Period, earthenware, boat traffic, fortress, mountain temple.

Professional Society Membership
The Japanese Archaeological Association, Society of Archaeological Studies, Ancient Period Study Meeting, the Society for Mingu of Japan, Asia Archaeological Research Institute.