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Takashi Toda
Research Group
Museum Studies Research Group
Ph. D. (Science)
Photograph Explanation
Explaining the Coriolis Force inside the museum's rotating room.
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I graduated in geophysics from the Faculty of Science of Kyoto University and completed a doctorate degree at the same university. Afterwards, I worked at the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention under a Domestic Research Fellowship of the Science and Technology Agency, and from April 1992 in the Lake Biwa Museum Project Office, Shiga Prefecture Board of Education.

1. Monitoring of lake environments by infrared remote sensing from the ground.
2. Methodologies to research weather phenomena using participation of local residents.
3. Research of ways of using information technology in the museum.
4. Systems to facilitate cooperation between the museum and similar facilities and schools.

Key Words of Research
Infrared remote sensing, weather research with participation of residents, museum information theory, museum cooperation.

Professional Society Membership
The Japanese Society of Limnology, Japanese Society of Physical Hydrology, Japan Society for Science Education, the Oceanographic Society of Japan.

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