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Keiichi Takahashi
Research Group
Cultural History and Geoscience Research Group
Ph. D. (Science, Dentistry)
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Investigating fossil vertebrates in Taiwan.

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I graduated from the Literature and Science Department of Nippon University and then the Science Department of Kyoto University. I worked for the Nippon Dental University Niigata as a Department of Oral Anatomy assistant and lecturer, before working for the Shiga Prefecture Board of Education's Executive Office Cultural Promotion Section. I joined the Lake Biwa Museum in April 1996.

1. The study of East Asia and ancient Lake Biwa by using fossil vertebrates.
2. The study of large mammals, e.g. elephants and deer.
3. The relationship between human activity and the fauna and flora of the Japanese archipelago.

Key Words of Research
Fossil vertebrates, elephant fossils, Pliocene-Pleistocene (about five million years ago), East Asia.

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