Research Staff

Takahito Suzuki
Research Group
Biotic and Human Interaction Research Group
Ph.D (Science)
Photograph Explanation
Collecting samples from a rice field (June 2012).
Graduated from the Department of Biological Sciences, Osaka University, and then completed a doctorate course at the Department of Biological Sciences, Osaka University. Worked as a part-time employee at the Lake Biwa Museum, before becoming a permanent member of staff in April 2016.

1. Taxonomy of plankton.
2. Benthic microorganisms, especially gastrotrich ecology, taxonomy and phylogeny.
3. Microorganisms in rice fields.

Key Words of Research
Rice fields, microorganisms, benthos, plankton, gastrotrichs.

Professional Society Membership
The Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology, the Zoological Society of Japan.