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Robin James Smith
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Biotic and Human Interaction Research Group
Ph.D (Geology)
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Standing in front of the 'Jumon Sugi', an ancient cedar, while on field work on Yakushima island.
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After graduating from Leicester University (UK) with a doctorate degree, I was a Royal Society Post Doctoral Fellow for four years, working at Kanazawa University (Japan), Greenwich University (UK) and the Natural History Museum in London (UK). Afterwards I worked as a COE Postdoctoral Researcher at Kanazawa University before joining the Lake Biwa Museum in December, 2004.

1. The development and phylogeny of ostracods (Crustacea).
2. The taxonomy of Asian lake dwelling ostracods.
3. The taxonomy and ecology of spring dwelling ostracods.

Key Words of Research
Ostracoda, taxonomy, ecology, phylogeny, evolution.

Professional Society Membership
The Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology.

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