Research Staff

Yusuke Senoo
Research Group
Cultural History and Geoscience Research Group
Ph. D. (Literature)
Photograph Explanation
Excavations in Lebanon, 2009.

Graduated in archaeology from the Department of Japanese History, Faculty of Humanities of Ritsumeikan University. Obtained a masters and doctorate degree from the Graduate School off Letters, Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University. After working at the Kyoto University Museum and the Environment Preservation Center, Kanazawa University, joined the Lake Biwa Museum in October 2016.

1. Development of the Yayoi culture in western Japan.
2. Development of the relationships between lake environments and farming communities.
3. Lake transportation and group relationships during the Jomon and Yayoi periods.

Key Words of Research
Jomon, Yayoi, earthenware, styles, western Japan, Hokuriku region.

Professional Society Membership
The Japanese Archaeological Association, Society of Archaeological Studies, The Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan.