Research Staff

Kumiko Sawabe
Research Group
Biotic and Human Interaction Research Group

Masters (Environmental Sciences and Technology)

Photograph Explanation
Measuring the height of plants that become nest material. The harvest mouse weaves the grass to make a nest at eye-level.

Graduated from Osaka Prefecture University's Agriculture Department in regional environmental sciences. Completed a postgraduate course at Osaka Prefecture University's Life and Environmental Sciences Department in environmental sciences and technology. From April 2007 worked at Sanda City's Arima Fuji Nature Study Center, and in October 2011 became a staff member of the Lake Biwa Museum.

1. Museum regional cooperation through participation type of investigation using the biota of tall grasslands (kayahara) as a theme.
2. Determining the current state of interaction between grasslands and human activities through the distribution of harvest mice.
3. The current conditions and conservation of mammals on the Karasuma Peninsula and in the Prefecture - environmental education activities.

Key Words of Research
Museology, regional cooperation, mammals, tall grasslands (kayahara), conservation, environmental education.

Professional Society Membership
Ecological Society of Japan.