Research Staff

Yasufumi Satoguchi
Research Group
Cultural History and Geoscience Research Group
Ph. D. (Science)
Photograph Explanation
Geological surveying of Oita Prefecture.
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I graduated from Osaka City University's Science Department in Geology and then completed a doctorate at the same university. I started working for the Lake Biwa Museum in April, 1997.

1. Pliocene-Pleistocene five million year history of volcanic eruptions based on volcanic ash.
2. Japan's Pliocene-Pleistocene tephrostratigraphy and establishment of age.
3. Palaeoenvironmental changes of the Lake Biwa region.

Key Words of Research
Tephra, volcanic ash stratigraphy, Pliocene-Pleistocene, explosive volcanic eruption activity, palaeoenvironments.

Professional Society Membership
The Geological Society of Japan (Representative and life-long education member), the Japan Association for Quaternary Research, the Volcanological Society of Japan, the Sedimentological Society of Japan, the Association for the Geological Collaboration in Japan.