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Taisuke Ohtsuka
Research Group
Museum Studies Research Group
Ph.D. (Agriculture)
Photograph Explanation
Researching diatoms from Antarctica. (Photograph taken March, 2006.)
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I graduated from the Department of Fishery, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University, and stayed in the Department of Tropical Agriculture to complete a master and doctor course. Afterward, I worked as a lecturer at the Research Center for Coastal Lagoon Environment, Shimane University, before working at the Lake Biwa Museum from April 2000. I have also worked as a part-time lecturer at Matsue National College of Technology and the University of Shiga Prefecture.

1. Pattern analysis of diatom communities using multivariate analysis techniques.
2. Diatom taxonomy.
3. Development of quantitative analytical techniques for taxonomy.

Key Words of Research
Diatoms, multivariate analysis, rice-fields, rivers

Professional Society Membership
International Society for Diatom Research, the Japanese Society of Diatomology, The Japanese Society of Limnology, The Japanese Society of Phycology, The Ecological Society of Japan.

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