Honorary Researcher

Tomoo Nunotani
Ph.D. (Literature)

Photograph Explanation
Explanation at the beginning of the 'Plant Observation Meeting'.

I graduated from Kyoto University Agricultural Department with a degree, masters and doctorate in forestry. I worked at the Osaka Museum of Natural History and from 1991 worked in the Shiga Prefecture Board of Education's Cultural Facility Establishment Preparation Office. From April 1996 to March 2009 I worked at the Lake Biwa Museum.

1. Management of the museum from the users' point of view.
2. Past-environment reconstruction using the technique of lumber histology.
3. Artificial influences on forests.

Key Words of Research
Users, free learning, museum evaluation, museum management

Professional Society Membership
The Museological Society of Japan, Echo Museum Workshop, Japan Ecomuseological Society, the Japanese Association of Historical Botany and the International Association of Wood Anatomists.