Research Staff

Katsuki Nakai
Research Group
Biotic and Human Interaction Research Group
Ph. D. (Science)
Photograph Explanation
Installing an artificial spawning site for population control of invasive alien largemouth bass in a satellite lake around Lake Biwa.
I graduated from Department of Science, Kyoto University with a masters and doctorate degree, partly supported as an encouraged researcher by the the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Afterwards, I worked at the Lake Biwa Museum Project Office, Shiga Prefecture Board of Education, for establishing the museum.

1. Ecology and influence of invasive species and development of control methods.
2. Conservation of endangered freshwater organisms.
3. Distribution and ecology of terrestrial molluscs.

Key Words of Research
Invasive species, Lake Biwa, ecological conservation, molluscs (snails).

Professional Society Membership
The Ecological Society of Japan, the Japanese Society of Limnology, the Ecology and Civil Engineering Society, the Ichthyological Society of Japan, the Malacological Society of Japan.

Readily Accessible Research Contributions
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