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Research Staff

Masanari Matsuda
Research Group
Biotic and Human Interaction Research Group
Photograph Explanation
Collecting Lake Biwa bivalves from the museum's boat, 'Umindo'.
E-MAIL: matsuda@lbm.go.jp
I graduated from Kinki University's Agricultural Department with a degree in marine products. I then worked for the Museum of Shiga Prefecture, Biwako-Bunkakan, before joining the Lake Biwa Museum in April 1996.

1. Heredity of the 'mashijimi' bivalve.
2. Using bivalves as indicators of oxygen levels in Lake Biwa.
3. The influences of water flow and wind on 'eri' fish traps.
4. Breeding fish in aquariums.

Key Words of Research
Freshwater bivalves, Corbicula, heredity, freshwater fish, breeding.

Professional Society Membership
The Malacological Society of Japan, the Ichthyological Society of Japan, the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science.