Research Staff

Kazuhiro Masunaga
Research Group
Biotic and Human Interaction Research Group
Ph.D. (Science)
Photograph Explanation
Research on Tahiti island.
In 1994 I graduated in agriculture from Kyushu University Agriculture Department and then did a masters also at Kyushu University, which I completed in 1996. In 2000 I enrolled for a doctorate degree, which I completed in 2002. I started working at the Lake Biwa Museum from April, 2000.
1. Phylogenetic systematics of the Japanese flies.
2. Classification of Shiga prefecture's aquatic insects.
3. The evolution of flies.
Key Words of Research
Aquatic insects, taxonomy, systematics, evolution, biogeography, DNA
Professional Society Membership
The Entomological Society of Japan, the Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan, Societas Dipterologica.
Readily Accessible Research Contributions
  • K. Masunaga, T. Saigusa & P. Grootaert. (2005) Revision of the genus Thambemyia Oldroyd (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) with description of a new subgenus. Entomological Science. 8(4) : 439-455.
  • K. Masunaga, T. Saigusa & D. Yang (2005) Taxonomy of the genus Acymatopus Takagi (Diptera: Dolichopodidae). Entomological Science. 8(3) : 301-311.