Honorary Researcher

Masayoshi Maehata
Ph.D (science)

Photograph Explanation
Measuring a specimen of a 'nigoro-buna' fish from a rice-field. In rice-fields this fish grows quickly. (Photograph taken in August 2006).

Graduated in pisciculture from the Agriculture Department of Kochi University. From 1974 worked for Shiga Prefecture Lake Biwa Cultural Center and from 1996 to 2011 worked for the Lake Biwa Museum. In 2002 acquired a degree from the Science Department of Kyoto University.

1. The mating behaviour and reproduction of Japanese catfish.
2. Rice-field environments and fish that utilize them.
3. Reproduction of fish in the lake-shore environments.

Key Words of Research
Rice-fields, channels, catfish, lake-shore environments, reproduction, temporary water bodies.

Professional Society Membership
The Ichthyological Society of Japan (Nature Conservation Commission member), the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science, Living Culture Magazine Society, Pisces Natural History Workshop.
Readily Accessible Research Contributions