Honorary Researcher

Hiroya Kawanabe
Former Director General

Ph.D. (Science)

Photograph Explanation
Standing next to the Lake Biwa Museum's fish calendar.

Graduated with a doctorate degree from Kyoto University (zoology) and then worked as a lecturer, associate professor and professor, with the Director of Ecological Research Center at the same university. Director General at the Lake Biwa Museum from April 1996 until March 2010.

1. Ecology of community relationships.
2. Biological and cultural diversity.

Key Words of Research
Freshwater fish, Relationships among organisms as a whole, Historical characteristics of communities.

Professional Society Membership
Former President of the Ecological Society of Japan, Former President of the Ecology and Civil Engineering Society, Former Vice President of the International Association for Ecology (INTECOL), Former President of the Speciation in Ancient Lakes (SIAL), Former Japanese Representative of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology (SIL).

Readily Accessible Research Contributions