Research Staff

Yoshitaka Kataoka
Research Group
Biotic and Human Interaction Research Group

Photograph Explanation
Measuring the body lengths and noting individual identification marks of captured amago salmon.


Graduated from the Department of Resource Development, Tokyo University of Fisheries (now Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology). In April 1996 started working for Shiga Prefectural government at the Shiga Prefectural Fisheries Experiment Station and Samegai Trout Farm, before joining the Lake Biwa Museum in April 2017.

1. Propagation of stream salmonids (red-spotted trout and char). ‚Äč
2. Ecological analysis of fishes using otoliths.

Key Words of Research
Stream salmonids, propagation, otoliths, ecology

Professional Society Membership
The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science.