Research Staff

Ryoma Hayashi
Research Group
Cultural History and Geoscience Research Group
Ph. D. (Agriculture)
Photograph Explanation
With a large tree in the virgin forest of the Adogawa River headwater region (photograph taken in June 2011).

Graduated from the Department of Forestry Science of the Agricultural Faculty of Kyoto Prefectural University, and Kyoto Prefectural University's Graduate School of Agriculture Studies Ph.d. program. In April 2012 started work at the Lake Biwa Museum.
1. Vegetation response to glacial-interglacial cycles based on pollen analysis from Lake Biwa sediments.
2. The history of vegetation changes and forest fires through pollen and charcoal analyses.
3. Past changes during the last 100 years in the floral landscape and the dispersal of pollen.
Key Words of Research
Paleo-ecology, vegetation change, climate change, pollen analysis, Lake Biwa sediments.
Professional Society Membership
The Ecological Society of Japan, Palynological Society of Japan, Japanese Association of Historical Botany.
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