Research Staff

Hiroki Haga
Research Group
Biotic and Human Interaction Research Group
Ph.D. (Science)
Photograph Explanation
Research vessel of the museum. I am the person in the center working.
I graduated in biochemistry from Saitama University Science Department and did a doctorate degree at Nagoya University in atmosphere and hydrosphere science. From April 1994 I worked for the Lake Biwa Museum Project Office, Shiga Prefecture Board of Education. From April 1996 I have worked at the Lake Biwa Museum.

1. Biogeochemical processes in Lake Biwa.
2. Quantitative monitoring of submerged macrophytes using a echo-sounding technique in the southern sub-basin of Lake Biwa.

Key Words of Research
Limnology, physical circulation, eutrophication, monitoring

Professional Society Membership
The Japanese Society of Limnology.