1. Lake Biwa Museum.
2. Mizunomori. Aquatic botanical gardens. (external site, in Japanese).
3. Boat trips to Otsu, ticket office (summer only).
4. Lotus flowers. Most years, the lotus blooms during mid-July and early August, providing a spectacular view from the Karasuma Peninsula. Unfortunately, since 2016 the lotus has mostly failed to grow for unknown reasons.

Shopping and restaurants
1. Lake Biwa Museum. The Museum has a gift shop and a restaurant, Nio-no-umi.
2. Mizunomori (external site in Japanese). Aquatic botanical gardens.
5. Green Plaza Karasuma (external site, in Japanese) and Rock Bay Garden (external site, in Japanese). Souvenirs, local produce, strawberry picking, cafe, noodle bar and restaurant.

Open spaces
6. Multi-purpose square. An open expanse of grass, for relaxation and recreation. This area is sometimes used as a venue for events.

7. Quay. During the summer months, boats can be caught here to Otsu.

8. Karasuma Memorial Park. Contains a collection of stone sculptures.

9. Lake Biwa Museum, car park and coach park. For general visitors.
10. Lake Biwa Museum, parking for disabled people.
11. Lake Biwa Museum, bicyle parking.
2. Mizunomori. Aquatic botanical gardens. (external site, in Japanese).