Want to know what its like to be a crayfish? Or a fish? Young children can discover this and lots more in the Discovery Room.

The Discovery Room is an exhibition gallery catering especially to young children. It contains eighteen hands-on exhibits, designed to provide a diverse range of activities geared towards exploring the countryside and local culture within the Lake Biwa watershed.

Activities include:

  • Climb into the crayfish!
  • Microscopes
  • Teeth as tools: tools as teeth
  • In the water
  • Grandma's kitchen
  • Wooden train around Lake Biwa
  • Animal homes wall puzzle
  • International corner
  • History of life on Earth
  • Book Corner
  • Under the rock
  • String Art
  • Puppet theater
  • Living Gears
  • Discovery corner
  • Communication board
  • Be a fish
  • Sound booth