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From this page it is possible to search the database of the registered fossil specimens in the Lake Biwa Museum's collections.
 The collections of the Lake Biwa Museum include fossils from Permian rocks that form the basement of Shiga Prefecture (approximately 250 million years old), fossils from the Miocene Ayugawa Group (approximately 17 million years old), and fossils from the Pliocene - Pleistocene Kobiwako Group (approximately 4 million to 400 000 years old).
Kazuhisa Ohyagi, Yoshiaki Okamura, and members of the Kusatsu Geography Club, Shiga Prefecture Mineral and Fossil Workshop, the Fossil Footprint Workshop, and Shiga Prefecture Sedimentary Environment Workshop all contributed specimens that form the core of the collections.

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The database's administrators are Keiichi Takahashi, Chiyomi Yamakawa, and Masako Yamamoto.