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scientific name and classification system

The scientific names and classification of Plecoptera, adopted here essentially follow the checklist prepared by Dr. Takao Shimizu (personal homepege:
http://homepage.mac.com/kawagera/plec/index_j.html )

number of specimens

Each entry in the database pertains to 1 bottle.
#♂#♀: number of adult males and females in the bottle; e.g. 1♂1♀
#nymph (#last-instar): number of nymphs in the 1 bottle (and among them, last–instar nymphs); e.g. 5 nymphs (2 last-instar)

published references

List of references reporting on specimens now housed at the Lake Biwa Museum and included in the LBM Insect Spirit Collections Database.

condition of specimens

All specimens are preserved by 80% Ethanol.

published references

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