SNAME  Bembidion paediscum Bates, 1883
JNAME  yotsuboshikeshimizugiwagomimushi
Collection ground Obihiro city, Hokkaido Pref. 1977/10/12
Distribution Hokkaido, Honshu
Ecology bank (Inoue 1953q), paddy levee (Inoue 1953q, Inoue 1976e), paddy levee (Inoue 1974c, Inoue 1976a, Inoue 1977a, Inoue 1978a), upland field (Inoue 1953q, Inoue 1976e), muddy field (Inoue 1966b), volcanogeneous soil (Inoue 1966b), firm field (Inoue 1979a, Inoue 1981a), riverain grassland (Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), grassland (Hori 2001), adult (Inoue 1953q, Inoue 1981a), early June (Inoue 1953q), small insects in larval season, and fallen wheat seeds in adult season (Inoue 1953q), flying in fine Spring weather frequently (Inoue 1953q), coming flying to the lights (Inoue 1974c, Inoue 1976a, Inoue 1977a, Inoue 1978a), hibernating in soil or under the fallen leaves (Inoue 1981a)
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