SNAME  Stenolophus connotatus Bates, 1873
JNAME  seguromamegomokumushi
Collection ground Taitou machi, Chiba Pref. 1998/4/4
Distribution Hokkaido, Honshu
Ecology wetlands (Habu 1973d, Takakuwa et al. 2006), paddy levee (Inoue 1974c, Inoue 1976a, Inoue 1978b), marshy places and near paddy fields (Habu 1973d), flatland (Inoue 1977e), grassland (Inoue 1977e), crop field (Inoue and Hanada 1979), flatland (Yamaguchi museum 1988), riverbed (Takakuwa et al. 2006), In our breeding room the adults oviposited from the middle of May to early Jully (Habu 1973d), come to the light (Inoue 1973h, Inoue 1974c, Inoue 1976a, Inoue 1978b), collected light trapping (Inoue and Hanada 1979)
Types @ @ @
Remarks Stenolophus connotatus Bates, 1873, Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond.: 327 (China: gKiu-Kiangh) (Habu 1973d), Stenolophus connotatus Bates, Acupalpus (Stenolophus) connotatus Bates (Habu 1973d)