SNAME  Pterostichus fortipes Chaudoir, 1856
JNAME  ookinnagagomimushi
Collection ground Higashisonogi, Nagasaki Pref. 2008/4/26.27
Distribution Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu
Ecology They prefer relatively dried field (Suda 1980), sandy bank (Inoue 1968b), under the stones in mountain (Inoue 1968b), forest in subalpine area or alpine area (Inoue 1974a), pddy levee (Inoue 1977a), firm field (Inoue 1979a, Inoue 1980b), apple orchard (Koyama and Yamada 1980), riverbed (Suda 1980), upland field (Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), waste land (Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), relatively dried grassland and woods in riverbed (Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), paddy field (Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), coniferous forest (Kimoto and Yasuda 1994, Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), broad-leaved forest in low mountain region (Kimoto and Yasuda 1991, Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), Sasa kurilensis community (Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), seaboard herbosa (Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), Quercus crispula forest (Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), forest edge (Kato 2000, Hori 2001), grassland (Hori 2001), Picea abies forest (Hori 2003), broad-leaved secondary forest (Hori 2003), Larix kaempferi forest (Hori 2003), grassland of forest floor (Takakuwa et al. 2006), forest (Suttiprapan and Nakamura 2007), adult (Inoue 1968b), spring (Inoue 1968b), coming flying to the lights (Inoue 1977a)
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