SNAME  Asaphidion semilucidum (Motschulsky, 1861)
JNAME  medakachibikawagomimushi
Collection ground Mt. Sefuri, Saga Pref. 2001/5/12
Distribution Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
Ecology wet or dried bank, caltivated field and under bark (Inoue 1952h), muddy field (Inoue 1966b), volcanogeneous soil (Inoue 1966b), paddy levee (Inoue 1974c, Inoue 1976a, Inoue 1977a, Inoue 1978a), firm field (Inoue 1979a, Inoue 1981a), woodland (Kasahara and Nishiyama 1990), grassland (Kasahara and Nishiyama 1990), forest edge (Sunose 1992, Sunose and Kurosawa 1992), forage crop field (Ishitani et al. 1994), vineyard (Togashi and Ohbata 1995), riverbed (Ishii et al. 1996, Ishitani 1996), rape field (Ishitani 1996), field of residential area (Ishitani 1996), broad-leaved secondary forest (Hori 2003), Larix kaempferi forest (Hori 2003), woods (Hori 2003), field (Salah et al. 2004), forest (Suttiprapan and Nakamura 2007, Hori 2008), adult (Inoue 1952h, Inoue 1981a), middle May (Inoue 1952h), eggs and carcass of small insects (Inoue 1952h), young seedling (Inoue 1952h), hibernating under bark and in soil (Inoue 1952h), remarkable color variation (Inoue 1952h), collected by light trapping (Inoue 1974c, Inoue 1976a, Inoue 1977a, Inoue 1978a, Suttiprapan and Nakamura 2007), hibernating in soil or under the fallen leaves (Inoue 1981a)
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