SNAME  Pterostichus versicolor (Sturm, 1824)
JNAME  kinnagagomimushi
Collection ground Iwamizawa city, Hokkaido Pref. 1975/10/3
Distribution Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
Ecology upland field (Inoue 1952o, Habu and Sadanaga 1961, Kimoto and Yasuda 1995, Hiramatsu 2004), from flatland to low mountain area (Inoue 1974a), paddy levee (Inoue 1974a, Inoue 1974c, Inoue 1975a, Inoue 1976a, Inoue 1977a), under the stones in bank (Inoue 1974a), firm field (Inoue 1979a, Inoue 1980b), apple orchard (Koyama and Yamada 1980), bank (Suda 1980, Aono 1988), flatland (Yamaguchi museum 1988), mountainous area (Yamaguchi museum 1988), grassland (Inoue 1974a, Kasahara and Nishiyama 1990), grassland adjoining to paddy field (Tanaka 1991b), meadow (Tanaka 1991b, Ishitani et al. 1994, Hosoda et al. 1996), grassland in the riparian bank (Tanaka 1991b), grassland in the bank (Tanaka 1991b), slope of mound (Sunose 1992, Sunose and Kurosawa 1992), fallow field (Sunose 1992, Sunose and Kurosawa 1992, Kimoto and Yasuda 1995, Kasahara and Matsui 1997), onion field (Togashi and Kitajima 1993), pear orchard (Togashi and Ura 1994), riverain grassland (Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), vineyard (Togashi and Ohbata 1995), paddy field (Inoue 1974a, Kimoto and Yasuda 1995, Yahiro 2007), riverbed (Ishitani 1996, Yamazaki et al. 1999), beach (Shiyake 1999), forest edge (Kato 2000), broad-leaved secondary forest (Hori 2003), Picea abies forest (Hori 2003), broad-leaved secondary forest (Hori 2003), park forest (Hori 2003), riverside forest (Hori 2003), Larix kaempferi forest (Hori 2003), woods (Hori 2003), vegetable field (Siddiquee and Nakamura 2004), field (Salah et al. 2004), broad leaved forest (Matsumoto 2009a), adult (Habu and Sadanaga 1961, Inoue 1974a, Yamazaki et al. 1999), In our breeding room during May and June (Habu and Sadanaga 1961), late May and middle July (Inoue 1952o, Inoue 1974a), summer (Tanaka 1991b), spring (Yamazaki et al. 1999), Blitophaga opaca Linne (Hänne 1930), seedling (Inoue, M. 1942, Inoue, M. 1944), Lepidopteran larvae, small insects and Chinese cabbage (Inoue 1952o), eggs of Gryllotalpa orientalis (Inoue 1974a), larvae of Mamestra brassicae (Inoue 1974a), Heliothis maritima larvae (Inoue 1974a), larvae of Pieris rapae (Inoue 1974a), larvae of Colias erat (Inoue 1974a), Atrachya menetriesi larvae (Inoue 1974a), larvae of Hylemya floralis (Inoue 1974a), Hylemya antiqua larvae (Inoue 1974a), larvae of Sitobion akebiae (Inoue 1974a), larvae of leafhopper (Inoue 1974a), larvae of Gryllotalpa orientalis (Inoue 1974a), larvae of Teleogryllus infernalis (Inoue 1974a), larvae of Conocephalus chinensis (Inoue 1974a), larvae of Melanoplinae (Inoue 1974a), radish roots (Mizukoshi 1993a, 1993b, Mizukoshi 1994), the adults liberate the roots of the nurseryplants from the soil and cause to wither them inasmuc as they move under the surface of nurseries (Uchida 1954), high flying capability (Inoue 1952o), phototaxis (Inoue 1952o), coming flying to the lights (Inoue 1974a), collected by light trapping (Inoue 1974c, Inoue 1975a, Inoue 1976a, Inoue 1977a, Aono 1988, Yahiro 1997, Yahiro 2007)
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