SNAME  Chlaenius inops Chaudoir, 1856
JNAME  himekiberiaogomimushi
Collection ground Mitsuse mura, Saga Pref. 1998/10/10
Distribution Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
Ecology flatland (Ishitani 1996), grassland (Inoue 1952a), crop field (Inoue 1952a, Inoue and Hanada 1979), bank (Inoue 1952a, Togashi 1986, Aono 1987, Aono 1988), paddy field (Inoue 1952a, Inoue 1977c), under the detritus near waterside in the bank or the lake from flat land to low mountainous area (Inoue 1977d), waterside (Suda 1980), riverbed (Terada 1983, Ishitani 1996), grassland in the bank (Tanaka 1991b), fallow field (Sunose 1992, Sunose and Kurosawa 1992), fig orchard (Ishitani and Yano 1994, Ishitani 1996), muddy region and grassland around still water (Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), wet grassland (Kasahara and Matsui 1997), beach (Shiyake 1999), riverbed (Yamazaki et al. 1999), adult (Inoue 1952a, Yamazaki et al. 1999), from early June (Inoue 1952a), In our breeding room the adults oviposited from the latter part of May to late June (Habu and Sadanaga 1965), summer (Tanaka 1991b), spring (Yamazaki et al. 1999), eggs and larvae of Gryllotalpa orientalis (Inoue 1952a), flying in night (Inoue 1952a), hibernating in soil (Inoue 1952a), making the muddy cell to lay eggs (Habu and Sadanaga 1965), They dive in water (Inoue 1977d), hibernating in slope (Aono 1988), collected by light trapping (Inoue and Hanada 1979, Aono 1988)
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