SNAME  Harpalus hokkaidensis Habu et Baba, 1963
JNAME  ezogomokumushi
Collection ground  Ebetsu city, Hokkaido Pref. 2007/6/17
Distribution Hokkaido, Honshu
Ecology forest in flatland (Inoue 1977e), firm field (Inoue 1979a), crop field (Inoue 1980a), broad-leaved forest in low mountain region (Kimoto and Yasuda 1991, Kimoto and Yasuda 1995), forest edge (Kato 2000), larvae (Inoue 1980a), The adults oviposited from about the beginning of May to the end of July in our breeding room (Habu 1973d)
Types male (Habu and Baba 1963), Onneyu spa (Habu and Baba 1963), National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Habu and Baba 1963)
Remarks Harpalus (Harpalus) hokkaidensis Habu et Baba 1963, Akitu, 11: 23-25, figs. 1, 2 (Japan: Onneyu spa and Sounkyo spa) (Habu 1973d)