SNAME  Chlaenius abstersus Bates, 1873
JNAME  akaganeaogomimushi
Collection ground  Ebetsu city, Hokkaido Pref. 2000/6/13
Distribution Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
Ecology limicoline (Inoue 1952a), They prefer relatively dried habitat (Suda 1980), They prefer relatively stable environment in artificial disturbed paddy levee (Lee et al. 2008), grassland (Inoue 1952a), paddy field (Inoue 1952a, Inoue 1977c, Yahiro et al. 1992, Kagawa 2008, Lee et al. 2008, Lee and Ishii 2009), bank (Inoue 1952a, Suda 1980, Aono 1987), bank, paddy field and wetland in flatland (Inoue 1977d), flatland (Yamaguchi museum 1988), mountainous area (Yamaguchi museum 1988), forest adjoinig agroecosystems (Yahiro et al. 1990), riverbed (Ishii et al. 1996), secondary forest of Pinus densiflora (Ishitani 1996), grassland (Hori 2001), coppice forest (Takakuwa et al. 2006), field of Setaria italica (Takakuwa et al. 2006), brushwood (Takakuwa et al. 2006), forest (Suttiprapan and Nakamura 2007), riverbed (Lee and Ishii 2009), urban park (Lee and Ishii 2009), pasture (Kagawa 2008), Satoyama forest (Lee and Ishii 2009), adult (Inoue 1952a), early June (Inoue 1952a), eggs and larvae of Gryllotalpa orientalis (Inoue 1952a), flying in night (Inoue 1952a), hibernating in soil (Inoue 1952a), They dive in water (Inoue 1977d)
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